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Advantages for popular casino games. You will notice that the jump list share similar functionality with the ‘recent items’ menu. He must close his before returning to emacs. The powerplus is the perfect suit for an imer or butterfly/backstroke, who requires maximum shoulder mobility while racing. If you don’t know how to install a plugin, you can watch this video and follow along. If you see some touchpad entry, right-click on it and select disable. That’s already useful, especially for running tests, builds, or data processing scripts. The very best horse racing betting system is the one which you’re able to live with without losing your head or your bankroll.

Jump To Win
Jump To Win

If you find that your mouse cursor jumps or moves on its own, automatically, randomly while typing in windows laptop or computer, then some of these suggestions may help you fix the problem. Fei long makes a minor appearance in the so-shu sequence, where he evades the set of a film he is working on in order to watch an underground fighting tournament for entertainment. Sniper mid", and you can easily decode this if you can read basic russian. Don't make the mistake i did of coming in with habits from other games and trying to max everyone's level before using up cards. In emacs, when i am editing a program, and miss-input some command and make the cursor jump to somewhere in other files. Command line mode: one enters this mode by. The utility let's you customize lists in different ways and it doesn't need to be installed or run in the background for your newly created jump list to function afterwards. Being prepared for what's involved and taking the proper precautions are critical to making this a successful undertaking.

Jump To Win
Jump To Win

Parts and in which source files they can be found. I’ve used this tool many times and as long as all is well with both machines it works great. Also, if you try this on any method, vim will also take you to the file where the method is defined, even if it is a rails built-in method. We re-visit the history and rules of the game. The price to the player of playing the game. You can place up to eight buildings and 12 decorations in your kingdom at first. Here is how to collect all the rec coins to earn the star. Shift is required) will execute commands located in the.

Jump To Win
Jump To Win

Which you need to follow throughout the program. If you want to actually install windows 10, you’ll still have to use the usb drive, windows update, or the manual method. What is a win-win approach. Instead right click on the file, select properties and tick the. The game is to try. %appdata%microsoftwindowsrecentcustomdestinations where you will see a similar list of files. The jump list software will allow you to add new shortcuts or edit existing shortcuts.

Jump To Win
Jump To Win

Touching the net is a great start, but a standard net hangs 15 inches lower than the rim so you will have to add several inches to your vertical jump in order to slam dunk. Crotone moved out of the bottom three with a 1-0 win over chievo gained thanks to ante budimir's 33rd-minute tap-in. Set-option -g lock-after-time 1800creating new key bindings:. Jump to win reviews betting gambling master bet point worth dave worth results coupon bonus facebook horse racing winning tips service racing tipster bet pointer anyone use. When two players from opposing teams each get two hands on the ball and struggle for possession it is also declared a "jump ball". 13 patch changes nerfed the deagle. This question comes to us from travis, whose e-mail address would not accept a reply, so we're hoping he'll see it here. The advantages of approach 3 are many (assuming that your editor has. Bind -t vi-copy y copy-pipe "xclip -filter -selection clipboard | xclip -selection primary".

How to jump to the rightmost window with just one keystroke. Rag'n'bone man - born plain rory graham - has done just that. A dedicated slot player on a machine that plays off credits can easily get in 600 pulls an hour. Once you’ve got your jumper starting good in the middle, eventually work on having them jump in from the outside just like before. Com in order to avoid the edge snooping and then search through ixquick to go read my emails and online news and participate in blog conversations. Here's how one way to figure it: a fall of 170 feet (approximately seventeen stories) would take between three and four seconds. Whenever you want to launch any of the shortcut listed in the jump list, just right. To go in the opposite direction, use. However, components which do not rely on a panel (e.

In seasons nine and ten, the prize was a copy of the. There are also tab pages. Other times you might want to begin in a more secluded spot, even if it means a sparser selection of loot. -u option scrolls one page up.  — unix & linux stack exchange — https://unix. Warm the engine with a block heater. The crossfade is made by an engine that supports non-linear crossfades and by automatic detection of the mixing point. Its unique name also makes tmux a lot easier to find plugins for when looking around github and other software repositories, too.

The windows vista style folder view looks pretty much the same as the windows 7 view, but gets rid of the horrible jumping. In order to go on line i click on edge and then do a search for ixquick. Mat, keep up the good work and be safe with whatever you try. I’d like one for. A minor, but handy, feature.

The wrapping normally occurs after the last character that fits the window, even when it is in the middle of a word. One down later, wasilewski recorded his second interception and the cougars took over at their own 20. I’m talking about things that normal people might use for stuff like keeping an inventory of their antiques or running a mailing list for the local historical society. Take file name arguments literally, do not expand wildcards. Vim is not restarted to open a new window. Already spent quite a bit of time trying to come up with a good user interface. Only issue i keep running into is that a long running (week. The obverse of the coin portrays a modern athlete at the moment he is touching the ground, while the ancient athlete in the background is shown while starting off his jump, as he is seen on a black-figure vase of the 5th century bc. As with penguin ice hockey, you need to tap fast to win this one. Will move a red piece).

The win capped off a perfect weekend for bazile as he leaves the armory with three individual titles: 60m dash (6. Start up tmux with the tmux command and you should be greeted with a simplistic terminal window that resembles screen – the only difference is it has a default status bar which is nice (easily added to screen as well). The options available on a jump list depend partly on your version of windows and partly on what the application’s developers chose to include. By going into a dive position (rather than a typical stable free fall position) the faller could accelerate his rate to catch up with the parachute, but don't forget about the movement of the plane. Thing about emacs is that it has commands and modes for a lot of things, and with. There is no other jump rope like the rx jump rope because it is completely customizable to your exact fitness needs. Fixed the close button on the colouriser dialog having a wrong style (noticeable on theme enabled oses). The addition of the word “explorer” described above is basically making the shortcut into an application shortcut—that keyword opens explorer (try hitting win+r and typing explorer)—so that seems to be how this workaround makes pinning possible.

The biggest issue is the handle size, which actually hinders some of the fine motor control in the hands that's useful for speed jumping. Because of these quality parts it's not surprising that this jump rope comes with a lifetime guarantee which offers peace of mind that it will always be there for you. This is so that you can select a region that. (so it’s not just that we’re jumping shorter distances—we’re also stuck closer to the ground. For example, i enter something like:    "testsite. Example: you can have a terminal tab with all vim tabs of source code c files only and you can have another terminal tab with all vim tabs of header files (.

In addition, how do i open and edit different files at once, and how can i make all of these features play nicely with helm, an emacs package. Box bet a any of the aforementioned bets can be boxed for an extra wager. This game is best played as a team game. Function help document in a separate tmux pane (bottom right) and the nerdtree file browser (left). The first is a keyboard shortcut to maximize the current tool window, so i could easily scale the window to full-screen and drop it back to half or 1/4 screen when i want.

The jazzombies have played for us at winter jump several times, including performing during teacher impro dances – check it out. There are three major features. U (for undo) is my new best friend. M-x ispell-buffer to run spell-check on the whole buffer, or. But for some things, i find vim is not enough. } - jump to next paragraph (or function/block, when editing code). Except, nearly all the customers who tried jump to win at least for as soon as have handiest words of appreciation for people who designed this jump to win.

Exe file, right-click on it, and select. Regularly filling your gas tank is one easy way to protect your car in the winter. Then float behind the wall/edge at the end where you’ll find this star in the yellow box. So if you started slowly i think you might be able to enter the atmosphere without burning up. When no arguments are passed, nplay reads. ) since the construction worker would have continued to accelerate during that last second, it is likely that he was falling at about 80 to 90 miles per hour when he hit the ground. Nano does, by scrolling only the current line, not the whole screen.

(we always did like the in-line delete button in outlook. * major tidy and split of client/server code. 1 from beginning of screen to cursor. Perhaps this feature simply doesn't work for en in xp -- i'm glad it seems to be working for folks running win 7. These can include opening a new program, window or other function integrated into the jump list.

Shut the car's doors (mostly to keep the overhead light off). Teaming up with coach xiao jie (right), the complete badminton training by zhao jianhua & xiao jie television series is one of the best produced badminton training series to date. This will be part of a book that i'm writing. A new action center works as a notification center to collect alerts from apps and provide quick access to settings. Make your way beyond the cage and all the way to the top of the level until you can’t go any further.

Jump To Win Review

Unlike many programs, in vim, tabs can contain windows, not the other way around. This jump ropes greatest feature is its 10 foot length which is perfect for even the tallest athletes. Finally, the most pleasant surprises was vim's macro system, which, because of the sophistication of the movement commands, allows one to record very complex and versatile functions in real time and bind them to a "register" (essentially a key on the keyboard). The freestyle jammer is cut a little lower and is not quite as tight as the breaststroke jammer, but is still a very good fitting suit. Another item that has made it into version 6. When you’re ready to restore your jump lists, you can simply copy the files that you backed up earlier and paste to the same locations where you save the files from earlier. A three-card monte stand in warsaw, july 1944.

* bring set/setw/show/showw into line with other commands. However, i started using atom a while back, and i have to say, i liked it from the start. (setq dumb-jump-selector 'ivy) to use ivy instead of the default popup for multiple options. Probobly be bronze, since your losses were against low silver/high bronze, and your wins were against low bronze. If it turns out that you don’t like windows 10, you can roll back to your previous operating system (though keep in mind, as noted above, that current reports say that doing so comes with a bit of cleanup). Whenever you punch, it's like they know you're going to punch and. %f>%l:%c:%t:%n:%m. Another example: think of a python interpreter that produces the following. It’s great when you’re editing external files not. Screen command while new groups.

Emily wants to play tries the same format by introducing new elements for a greater dynamic, but it’s all too similar and infuriatingly repetitive and long winded. Tmux new -s session_name. Bet calculators are extremely accurate however there are a little number that you will find don’t offer you correct bet return jump to win review success. Make sure you’ll all standing on the three plates at the same time, locking the bridges in place so that everyone can get across. Where to find all stars on whomp’s fortress. If you have good timing for both those things, then this. They can vary the jumps from both legs to single jumps.

Great half court offense that is methodical and takes high percentage shots. A sketch of an outfit that will be showcased at this year's fashionware fashion show. I already searched for an alternative in emacs, but apparently, all the. Lifetime get admission to to everyday updates for jump to win at a nominal rate is the greatest gain you would probably have in case you choose to go for jump to win. Vim installation comes with syntax for all languages, if you have some specific requirement you can write your own syntax file. The 30-degree rule is very useful in safety play (see 30-degree rule examples). If you’re fighting in the wilderness always give nearby bushes at least a cursory inspection and be aware of your surroundings. Ice blocks -- this is a great strategy game. Use the packaging system ui to install either of these by:.

When it is completely impossible to contact the maintainer,. Windows 10 jumping game app: jump mitchy jump reviewed by jaya on. Don't do what you intended. If, for example, you've taken $100 on a two-and-a-half-hour riverboat cruise, allot $20 for each half-hour. This article documents my weekend journey to increased happiness with the introduction of tmux into my life. This video shows you where to find all 100 coins to get the star. But the odds of winning the jackpot will get worse -- jumping from 1 in 258. Another use for flame aura is as an anti-air attack.

It’s rather tough to earn a profit betting on horse races because the jump to win youtube marketplace is self-regulating. Files, showing change logs for particular files, and helping you review. Can jump directly to them for you. The jump server would span the two networks and typically be used in conjunction with a proxy service such as socks to provide access from an administrative desktop to the managed device. The only exceptions have to do with hardware installation. The forced capture rule requires your opponent's piece a to jump piece 2, but it cannot then jump piece 1 because it is against the edge of the board. Positions are numbered, one through six, starting with the server in the back right corner. Likewise, it wouldn't be "using firefox as a wm" by just running web apps in a fullscreen ff. Setting layer variables in the. "more than anything, he wanted me to win that medal.

Not seeing any highlights when searching. Game screenshot of magikarp jump. Setting the scene: doing a little experiment with my friends account, hes silver 4 atm for reference. Movement is generally more pleasing to the eye if a moving object's position and velocity do not jump instantaneously between values. You generally want to jump right before you reach the ice, especially when it's slow. How do you actually, y'know. Lyman adds: "there were some very interesting folk on the plane, not least of all eric sevareid of cbs; john paton davies (‘jack’) of the state department, and stilwell’s political adviser; and duncan lee of the oss, who also happened to be a soviet spy…".

Ctrl-b q (show pane numbers, when the numbers show up type the key to goto that pane). As for not bouncing, there's a good story in the incident log about someone who made a "body shaped crater" and survived. Oh, and one last point. So, as you have limited time, it is compulsory to have an idea of what champions you don't want to have in the enemy team. Review verdict: jump to win is a legitimate product that works. 4, i believe) did not incldue a jump-to-source link in his.

The best thing going for the rx ropes is that you can order different weighted (usa made) cables to help in matching your jumping ability. Where you were before you jumped to this page. For instance, if you wanted to change to your cursor position three jumps ago — 3g;. That creates the situation where the athlete doesn’t have to try to jump. Locate the failing test, read it, and run it. This cause the tip to dip below where you were pointing it and leads to miscues. Terminology before i go further, emacs uses the term “frames” for what. `a would take you to mark a in file 1. Essentially, teams score points whenever the other team messes up, and a point is awarded on every serve. If the opponent gets the tip, things may backfire on you, and everyone must sprint back on defense.

Esc [ pn b cursor down. Workstations have a dedicated meta key). In vim a dynamically allocated piece of memory is used for this - a. Course: in each class or competition, competitors must negotiate the jumps in a prescribed order. * the -i option to show-messages has been removed. This series of glitches requires you to know how to do a backwards long jump. You have already seen two.  (if you’ve pinned a site, you can un-pin it with a right click. Jumped peg until only one peg remains.

Microsoft ceo satya nadella revealed the latest milestone at microsoft's annual shareholders meeting yesterday. Boffo is riding a giant wave, he appears to have fun, your job is to keep it that way, hold the screen and he'll go down, let go and he'll go up, use these controls to avoid obstacles such as rocks, sharks and even other people like madcap and dumbbell. This is normally the middle button. The host lady eagles picked up their play from there however, as they handled the mustangs from there, picking up a 47-25 victory. So perhaps rather than emacs containing. Try creating 3 windows total and jump between the windows using all 3 shortcuts. Vim has to change files to do so. If i see you running with a gun out in spawn i will tk you.

 amazon continues to invest in domestic fulfillment in order to keep building on one of its greatest strengths.   most automotive jacks do not work well on boat trailers, so plan on purchasing a hydraulic jack that fits the trailer giving you adequate lift off the ground. "peppe" guldberg, steve kirkendall, shaul karl and all others. You can read more about windows information protection in windows 10 here. That jump list looks properly sorted to how you wanted it to be.

Likewise, i have no problem with copy/paste in an xterm or in emacs, but put a terminal inside emacs and copy/paste frustrates me all day. Browsers), and all matches visible on your screen are highlighted. Window, but with every feature of a buffer (syntax highlighting, code jumping,. Its keyboard shortcuts differ from other editors. It’s much more than the direct productivity gains by time saved too. The calendar tile shows you your next appointment. But what if you want to create your own jumplist. I think my honest answer is "i don't know. Such as “goto anything…” or “command palette…”, the search can get into a weird state and. (define-key global-map (kbd "c-c spc") 'ace-jump-mode).

Then you can type just mux tutorial-cat from terminal and you get the following setup:. Use the connect ui (win+k) as you normally would, and file feedback if you encounter any issues. However, although the file is there, emacs does not seem to recognize it. Here are some suggested tacks you can try:. [0] – you’re in the first session that was created by the . Vim only worked in the shell until 1996,when the first gui interface made it’s debut. # change prefix key to ctrl+a.

There are also some additions:. And if you open a pdf file from explorer or a pdf that you get as a mail attachment, again it opens in edge. // to insert the java comment character (you will see it inserted in the current line, but don't worry). The tote is the sole bookmaker in britain that’s permitted to offer parimutuel betting on horse racing. 1 will go to windows 10 mobile. You can do the similar if you want to do it horizontally.

We will remove any posts violating reddit's official rules (spam, personal information, vote manipulation, etc. If you have a configuration file that contains:. Windows that have been silent for the interval are highlighted in the status. It looks like the problem is in.

Jump To Win

In emacs documentation, m- means (roughly) esc-. I have no idea how his setup would cope with multiple screens. You’ll need to carefully navigate a series of mushroom platforms by jumping from each one to get the red coins, without falling off and into the abyss in order to successfully earn this star. So, why did this happen.  weakness here could be a sign of a broken transom. But there is one handy trick in windows 10 that never existed before: you can now jump around in the list using an alphabetic index, shown at right in figure 1-7.

Number can be changed for deleting the number of consecutive words like d3w. Overwhelmed by all the commands. A lot was made of the (literal) heavyweight showdown between ben cohen and dean cain – english rugby union vs american football. As a matter of personal preference, i like more compression, but this is a very comfortable suit. Those commands with as much style and panache as possible. Tryndamere split pushing top at 42 minutes and winning the game by himself when your team is fighting nonsense. Effective flexibility prevents injury, which can be important for high-impact events such as the long jump. Giw: grep for the word under the cursor. You’d hunt down a file, then have to jump to a graphical. If you are still looking for a tested-and-proven jump betting system, jump to win would be exactly what you are looking for.

The slightly fewer than 1000 telegrams abraham lincoln sent during his presidency also provide us with an insight that his other writings cannot. N is number of lines) is not an option for hundreds of lines 😐. This is currently in a preview state for developers and will not process payment information until a future flight. C-p to navigate through the completion items (when you’re done type return). Teemo for example, but it is not recommended, as it's pretty sure that the enemy will pick an "stronger" (all champions are good, but someones perform better in more aspects of the game) champion in his place. A draw can be declared any time both players agree to it. For one thing they take longer to open, but considering the scenario i outlined for you above, you don't want hundreds of 18-year-old privates zooming around the sky picking out just the right spot to land.

Secrets that would turbo-charge common commands like. Serie a: juventus jump to second place with bologna win; ac milan crumble under pressure against verona. If this is your file, in. 1 – even the pro versions, as long as you bought them some other way than through a volume licence – you'll get a free upgrade to windows 10 in the first year. The items you see in jump lists completely depends on your program. It is a better tipster service where you will be making hundreds of pounds every single day by the tips you receive. The proper operation of flyspell depends. Figure skating championships in san jose, calif. Session when it has been idle for the lock-after-time setting.

Resume playback at the file expected after the current track before the queue was created: after the current queue list has been fully played, playback will resume at the entry immediately after the one which was playing before the queue list was created. (let ((region (strip-text-properties (funcall region-extract-function nil)))). In search of another equaliser when they did. Position to select between alternatives. Part of vim's power is that it can be extensively customized. When the icons move, just click the icon shepherd and click the ‘restore icons’ and bingo. Why i don't use pagers: a digression. The general should not order anyone else to jump. Millions more have jumped at over 50 other bungge sites across almost as many countries.

One of the major improvements in windows 7 is the taskbar. Whip if it is too loose. Ctrl + c, just add the following line to your. Screen column of the error (1 == 8 screen. You can also have a mapping for it, for example:. Combined with its overabundance of cynical in-app-purchase ploys and it’s tough to recommend wholeheartedly. At the very least, there are things that i like about it that i'll want to figure out and pull into my personal config. T): sorts the playlist by the number of times a song has been played, then by rating.

You’ll find a platform a horned big bully all by himself. A jump list is a contextual menu built into applications pinned on to the start menu or the taskbar when you right click on a program or folder or hover a recent item on the start menu. Windows apps now run in resizable windows. You find the right one. We win a majority of our games and try to duo together simply because we both know we will win our lanes and win the game with smarter gameplay than the enemy team. Now they had become annoying to access as the previous builds had spoiled us by allowing one click access to features such as battery settings or forgetting wifi networks but thankfully, jump lists are still there. Fortunately, it is quite easy to pick up the key-bindings,.

When checkmarked, the default string underneath should suffice, but if you wish to change it, then click the 'help' button above for further info. San francisco -- microsoft just said no to 9. C is optional -- adding it cause. The object is to push the ball with the finger tips and flick it back over the head to team mates behind the jumper. However, over the last few weeks i read a book:. Obviously your exact load-out will be a matter of personal preference, but there are a few overall principles you should observe. Splits the window/pane/whatever_stupid_terminology horizontally (hsplit). Please tell us how it is for you. The command (a list of files) takes the place of the.

It isn't often that you'll see a wild card or, indeed, fringe playoff team in this mix, but the seahawks have shown time and time against that they're one of the scariest teams in football when they get hot. 'yes, the nhs will have put measures in place to prepare for situations like this, but i’d argue that any norovirus outbreak will still cause mayhem. Outbid – check that this is set to . Moving around one character at a time isn’t very efficient. I've tried several times and can't seem to beat the program.

For the 'greek syndicate' in deauville, cannes, and monte carlo in the. I've compiled this for solaris 8 on the suns. Add folding (display only a selected part of the text). Winning will net you personal experience points, subtract from your opponent's gym prestige, and — with enough battling — remove your enemy's claim to that gym. How does jump to win work. 2n sends you to the next second match). Programs such as internet explorer 8 offers unique jump list capabilities, in addition to accessing my recently visited websites, i can even start a private mode session which will provide a secure browsing site that does not leave any cached information behind when you end your web browsing session. Facebook recently began rolling out an update to its windows 10 app that, along with some general improvements across the board, adds support for jump lists (via windowsblogitalia). Sort of like mario in donkey kong. To do this, i used karabiner, since i'm on macos.

Noticed that i’d got a big chunk of deleted text back, but it’s very. Our product analysis team tested and endorsed jump to win. Including allen and reeves winning in high jump in the vanderbilt opener and kentucky invitational. I should be able to use the old stand by tool in xp to do this transfer. You can change the look of windows 10 on a touchscreen pc by turning on tablet mode – either as a setting or by removing or folding away the keyboard on a two-in-one or convertible pc.

Your minimap is the most important thing to know about if you want to win a ranked game, you have to know as much as you can about the enemy. W to list all of the windows you have created, from which you can jump between them. The problem is that 10% is. He has travelled out here well and he is already a winner in australia [when he won the cranbourne cup]. Erica szewczyk finished second in the 2-mile in 13 minutes, 24. Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including indiastudychannel. Case keenum continues to do enough to win, and his receiving duo of stefon diggs and adam thielen is one of the best in the league. It requires memorization of unwieldy "funky ctrl-x ctrl-c alt-f4 key. * new-session learnt '-a' to make it behave like attach-session.

Consider donating for the orphans in uganda. Cortana has been on windows phones for a while now, and she's now making the jump to pcs with windows 10 (not to mention android and ios devices too). I rebooted (just to be sure), unpinned the jump list shortcuts, put one back, still the same . The people who survive such falls typically land on something that absorbs the shock of the fall, for example, a metal roof or the hood of a car. Those two items can help either power up or evolve your critters. It’s still saved on those registers, but also in the. :bd command can be used to delete the buffer and remove it from the list, but it will also close the vim window or split if that buffer is open in it.

24 million viewers, making it bleu's third #1 hit dcom. This is a very important file and to preserve. His jump showed that astronauts in pressure suits with oxygen could survive an ejection from a very high altitude. Scroll on each item in the jump list and. That little button is also the gateway to a great new feature: virtual desktops. Has a rule covering tournaments that does not appear in the other books: “tourneys played under the straight ‘knock-out’ style. Pros: the hollow metal handles have a nice feel in the hand and feature a knurl grip that won't slip while you jump. First, overall “tightness” mostly comes down to how you breathe.

Pane using an escape sequence (like it would set the. 5 o to cycle through the existing frames; use. If you aren't using maven, then you can either specify all used libraries in the. The national leaders were like their constituents in their understanding of electronic communications. But one brave hero called foxy decided to find all the gifts. Autoindent will help, but in some cases (like when a function signature spans multiple lines), it doesn’t always do what you want, especially when it comes to conforming to pep 8 standards. Articles are optional electronic threads that the pdf author defines within that pdf. "make a new frame for peeking definition". In front of the players is the "pass" line, a bar that extends all around the table for players who are betting with the shooter. "dirtags" script of step 1 with the following:.

Do the highest ground pound five times and you'll get a win every time guaranteed. Tmux also initialises the tmux variable with some internal information to allow commands to be executed from inside, and the term variable. Our own notes as we go. To install tmux on any debian-based distribution, issue the command:.

Jump To Win Review
In my story i have an 11 year old and an 18 year old trapped...

Jump To Win Review
That's not to say it's impossible; i'm sure some lisp guru has gotten emacs to do this....

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I am glad to see that jaked is making the investment in staying in the u....

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Want to enclose in a comment box, and then use. Never shrink to do so. :setl errorformat=%z%f:%l: %m,%a%p^,%-g%*[^sl]%. With an...

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Beyond simple syntax checks and linting, the editor understands python in the sense that it can detect...

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Vim directory under home, and a. This 7-wicket win took them to the second spot and the perth...

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Emacs' lisp engine is reclaiming storage. Note: as you can see the in the above picture, the tool is backing...